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Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) is a leading manufacturer of collaborative mobile robots. We are dedicated to develop user-friendly, flexible and safe robots to help companies incre...
Flexible PCB - AOI/ Drillling
Orbotech AOI with Ultra-Fast Automation Advanced & integrated automation for mass production for flexible material
Rigid PCB - Printing
Orbotech Sprint200 Automated High Volume Legend Printing Advanced & integrated automation for mass production for rigid material
INA SP3965 (UV Laser)
INA SP3965는 Split 스테이지 기반으로 두 개의 헤드를 장착하여 개별 또는 동시 가공이 가능하며, FPCB Coverlay를 비롯한 Prepreg, Bond, FPCB외형 등을 위해 최적화된 레이저와 함께 등위치기...
WTR (Wafer Transfer Robot)
Twin end-effector mounted on the single-arm has the same function as a twin-arm robot. Origin-search is unnecessary by using AC servo motors with absolute encoders. Wafer Transfer ...

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